Residential snow removal frequently has very tight areas whice are not suitable for a snow plow. Gibbon Winter Service can handle these needs for you as well. Our team comes equipped with a walk behind 3' plow and a walk behind snow blower capable of throwing snow up to 30' in any direction. We'll get the snow well out of your way and reduce the inconvenience of tall snow banks. We will make sure that you can get your vehicle in and out of your garage, and that you can get to and from your house.

All pedestrian areas can be treated with non-salt, ice melting chemicals that are safe for the environment and help keep your walkways safe for you.

Customized Services, Unique for Every Client

Snow Removal Services

Your snow removal needs are as unique as you and your property are. Gibbon Winter Service does not offer a flat rate service. We meet with our clients ahead of time to review the property and discuss how to be best keep your property clear of snow, workout a schedule so that the property is cleared when you need it cleared and customize a fee schedule just for you, so call for an appointment today to have your property inspected and give instruction on your needs/wants so we can provide a customized quote, just for you. Don't wait until your stuck!

Snow Blowing, Sidewalk and Stair Snow Removal

Snow Plowing

Gibbon Winter Services' territory covers an area from Bonney Lake, to the Crystal Village area just east of Greenwater, WA, and focuses on a select group of residential and small commercial sites. Our goal is to provide premium support to each of our clients to provide access to and from the properties
Conditions within this area can change very quickly and heavy snow falls of very wet snow are common in the winter, particularly from Greenwater and to the east. Public snow removal services are rare and far between when you get off the main roads. As an additional service, we will even clear a path for you from your property to the nearest publicly cleared road so that you can get on your way. 

Our plow truck is a 2003 F350 Superduty, equipped with a 8.5' V plow capable of carefully working in difficult to plow areas yet with enough power to get the snow out of your way. We take pride in NOT leaving the giant berms left in front of driveways!

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